​​​​LIVESTREAM Testimonials

Salli's Story

During the Covid 19 lock down so many of my friends bemoaned the lack of exercise and particularly their Pilates sessions. However, Hilary, an ever-inventive and wonderful teacher was not going to let us all laze around. Straight away she set up the studio to run online with Zoom.

I was “stranded” in France, in a house with little furniture (we were in the process of selling and emptying it) far from a town and I was beginning to get depressed, far from home with little to do. These classes running all week just kept me going and even gave me a reason to get up and out of bed in the morning. I joined on three days a week, and boy does that make a difference, my muscles are tightening and my body is feeling trimmer. Each of these three classes are different (how does she do that?) so by Friday afternoons my whole body has been well worked through. There is always a variation or a new exercise to learn. Although we continue to work hard, we can still enjoy the usual banter and laughter of exercising together.  

The fact that Hilary’s classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world is mind blowing, and she can see us, correct us and we can watch her demonstrate a new exercise. Because of the situation we all find ourselves in, Hilary gives us a much needed relaxation time at the end of each class and has been reading us a poem a week. This has had an uplifting effect all round - I am not sure I would have got through the 9 weeks of isolation in France without these sessions and am so grateful that they are helping us, wherever we may be, to survive Covid 19.
Castelnau, Lot, France

Thank you so much for running the classes by Zoom. It seems amazing when you can ask an individual to move a foot by a few centimetres.

Sarah - Warborough

Just to let you know that today’s ZOOM class today came over loud and clear and visually perfect. Once again I congratulate you and your Pilates teachers for excellent visual demonstrations as well as good sound AND being able to correct each and everyone of us if we are not doing the exercise properly....no skiving off! I urge any of your clients not to miss this opportunity to continue doing Pilates from home.

Heather - Blewbury

I’m finding the class a highlight of my week!

Anne - Wallingford

Thank you so much for the class today - it was brilliant. I now feel stretched out and in touch with people! It has made a great difference to us all I think.

Mary - Benson

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