A personally tailored approach to exercise

​​What is Pilates?

​​​Pilates is a gentle, precise and effective way of exercising that was developed by the German-born exercise visionary, Joseph Pilates, in the 1920s. Over the years it has become a widely recognised way of uniting mind and body, correcting postural misalignment, increasing core stability, strengthening weak muscles, improving flexibility and alleviating back pain. As well as being a popular exercise method for many of the world’s top sportsmen and women,  the medical community also recognizes Pilates as a safe and effective way of facilitating healing and protecting clients from future injury.


What are the benefits?​

Pilates is so effective because it is gentle and yet challenging, making it suitable for nearly everyone irrespective of age or fitness levels. Whether you sit at a desk all day, are a keen cyclist, runner, gardener, golfer or grandparent, Pilates will help you to do what you love for longer, with fewer injuries and better results. Once you begin to practice Pilates regularly you will gain a greater awareness of how your body moves, your muscles will become more toned, you will stand and sit more upright, breathe more deeply, move with greater ease and flexibility and have a greater sense of balance and well-being.